Drink Beetroot Juice

The blood red beetroot juice might not be your favorite beverage, but recent studies have found loads of vegetable beneficial properties hidden in this juice. Lowers blood pressure. Beetroot juice contains nitrate, a chemical that can rapidly bring down your blood pressure level. Low blood pressure is essential for preventing strokes and heart diseases. The research conducted by researchers at William Harvey Research Institute at Queen Mary University in London and published in the American Heart Association’s journal Hypertension found that 250ml or a glass of beetroot juice could cause significant drop in the blood pressure level. A glass of beetroot juice had the same effect on the blood pressure level as a nitrate tablet prescribed for treating high blood pressure. The natural nitrate present in beetroot juice produces nitric oxide during digestion. When nitric oxide is absorbed in the bloodstream, it widens the blood vessels... 
Reducing the blood pressure level, while a glass of beetroot juice a day could lower your blood pressure level naturally, excess beetroot juice intake could make you urine purple. Boosts stamina. Beetroot juice could be taken to boost stamina. Researchers at the University of Exeter and Peninsula Medical School found and posted on www.weightshapes.com that beetroot juice is capable of improving physical endurance. Researchers found that volunteers who drank 500ml beetroot juice daily showed significant improvement in endurance after a week. The nitrate in beetroot juice is thought to be responsible for this favorable effect. By increasing the nitrate content in the blood, beetroot juice reduces the rate at which the muscles consume the main energy source, enabling a person to exercise longer. It even lowers the oxygen requirement of the muscles, improving muscular efficiency. Therefore, if you are feeling exhausted like me, a glass of beetroot juice could energize you.

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