The Dead & The Dying

My second novel, Stay dead, The dead & The dying is done and available. I tried to write the best story I could. I gave it my all and I'm really freaking happy with how it turned out. Writing this book was really a challenge, not because finding the time to write was hard, or anything like that, but because I let the negative reviews of my first novel, Stay deadget to me. I tried to block them out, tried not to pay attention to them, but they were always there. Regardless of my insecurities I pushed on and got it done. I'll admit, I released Stay Dead before I should have. Not that, in my opinion the story isn't good, but because there were a lot of errors and mistakes and lots of little shit that could've been cleaned up before it's release. I was too eager to put it out and in the end the book and I suffered for it. Well, I like to learn from my mistakes. I hired an editor to go over Stay Dead and make sure there was nothing too glaring editorially. I made a few small changes, fixed some formatting issues, fixed a few more spelling errors and brought the same editor, Adam Staffaroni in for book two. My wife and I labored over catching my spelling errors of which there were many. My first readers were awesome and insightful as always. I held off. Reading it again, making sure it was just right and just where I wanted it to be. 

Now it's ready and now I don't care what the reviews will say well, I probably will care a little, but I'm trying to ignore them all and just keep moving forward to books three and four where I think I will truly bring something new and original into the zombie genre. This book is free because I want to reach new readers. The book doesn't sell too well since the bad reviews, even after I've cleaned up my errors and the misspelled words have been corrected, most of them anyway, but it's just not selling. The damage is done. So why not free? I hope more people will check it out and then check out The dead & The dying and all the hell that will follow in the coming installments. Once amazon finds out it's free there, they will probably match it. Read it, and keep in mind that it's a series. Book three is in progress and I will warn you right now, we take a closer look at our characters in the Mount weather special facility. So all the other characters will not reappear until book four. I'm in the process of outlining both of those books now and what I have planned out is something I think is truly different.