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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

GI Joe mania over at Sketch Attack

Our last sketch assignment was G.I. Joe and it was a ton of fun. I love G.I. Joe and couldn't wait to get started, unfortunately I couldn't devote the time to it that I wanted to. I really wanted to make a double page spread of the all the dreadnoks partying it up around a campfire, I was only able to get as far as character sketches, and  a rough 'cover' idea. Anyway, go check it out, there's a lot of really good sketches over there: we have more artists involved and it's really turning out to be an awesome blog.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bone Bat Rising

Here's the final poster that transpired from those crummy sketches. Steve and Gord over at The Bone Bat podcast were happy and so was I. It was really fun to get to draw something for a change. Go check out the bone bat show's website and subscribe, they're funny as hell and play some good tunes: and you can find out more about the Film Fest.

Sketchytons Part 3

Then things started to shape up. Gone were the cartoony elements and I found myself on the right track.

Sketchytons Part 2

Then this abomination happened…


Here's the first sketch I did for the Bonebat Film Fest 2012 poster. I had in mind that these would be cartoony and animated. Turns out, this was the wrong approach. I eventually figured it out as you'll see soon.

Scars of Envy: Forsaken Me

If you're into heavy music, than you need to check out Scars of Envy's Forsaken Me. These guys are tearin' it up.

stand alone player

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Devil Gave Me A Gun free on amazon!

Here it is, The Devil Gave Me A Gun, for free on for your kindle! Please go download it. Thanks in advance and Kieth and I hope you enjoy the story.