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Monday, September 26, 2011

Wizard World Conventions I'll be attending.

For those of you attending any Wizard World Conventions next year I'll be attending. I was asked to be a guest and I obliged. I'll be at Big Apple Con and Philadelphia. I do plan on having tshirts, sketchbooks, and some original art for sale. As the dates are solidified I'll let you know and if you're interested in me doing a commission in time to get at either con get it in now.

You can check out my bio page on the site which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside:

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Zombie illustration

Well, I was able to draw something I like for a change. Really happy with it. Going to use it for a Stay Dead tshirt. Before that happens you'll see it as my halloween card. If anyone is interested in buying the original send me an email.

River Horse’s Hipp-O-Lantern Imperial Pumpkin Ale delivers!

The onslaught to my liver continues with River Horse’s Hipp-O-Lantern Imperial Pumpkin Ale. From the River Horse’s website: A festive Ale brewed with pumpkin and molasses.  A variety of hand-crushed, whole spices set up an impressive aroma and well balanced taste.  8.5 abv, Available August – October.

I discovered River Horse with my best buds a few years ago at a beer fest. They’re based in Lambertville, NJ and having them be a part of the Garden State makes me a touch prouder to live here. They brew a number of good beers and this one is no exception. It’s easily one of the best pumpkin beers I’ve ever had. Period. And, at 8.5 abv it packs a helluva punch.

The magic of this beer starts as soon as you pop the cap—the scent of pumpkin and nutmeg is strong—not overly so, but it’s bold and let’s you know what your in for. It has a deep rich color and is a bit cloudy.  It’s a smooth beer, a bit thick, but light on carbonation so it goes down smooth but don’t be fooled. Take your time, remember that 8.5! If you like a bold fall beer you can’t go wrong with this one. They’re a smaller operation so you might have a bit of difficulty finding it, but it’s well worth a little searching.

Visit the company's web site here.

Next up is Magic Hat’s Night of the Living Dead variety pack!

Warm up sketches

So, I'm trying to make the time to draw some more. I wanted to do a horror illustration that I could use for a Stay Dead tshirt, a sketchbook and for my halloween card. Before committing to it, I warmed up with a few sketches of characters from The Rinse, a neato little mini-series I'm lettering for BOOM!

They mostly suck, but I kind of like how Della came out, but what do you want for 15 minutes worth of sketching?!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Goodbye health, hello beer!

If you’re like me, than Oktoberfest starts a little early in your house, and perhaps the amount of beer in your fridge would be considered obscene by the standards of others. But let’s not worry about that, let’s worry about beer—and not just any beer, I’m talking about beers geared for the fall. You know the kind; maybe they have a pumpkin on it? …Or an orange Oktoberfest label? Yup, those are the kinds I’m talking about. This is my favorite time of year for drinking beer—and not just to get sloshed (though, rest assured I will)—but for those complex flavors that can only be had right now.
My plan is simple. I’m going to drink as much as I can—well, as much Oktoberfest related beer as I can—without going broke or breaking my liver in half.
First up is Samuel Adam’s Oktoberfest. Now, this beer is a pretty widely available beer, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. It’s really good actually. Most of you have probably had a Sam or two in your time and if you’ve had one than you can get an idea of what to expect. Sam Adams isn’t known for reinventing the wheel when it comes to brewing beer. They have a recipe that they adhere to strictly and this one is no exception.
Its full of bold flavor and has a rich amber color with a good head.
It has a mild scent, it’s not the kind of festive beer you can crack open and smell the pumpkins with, not that that’s a bad thing.  There’s a small scent, and taste, of nutmeg from start to finish, which is pleasant, but nothing over the top. The flavor is consistent throughout and the beer goes down smooth without leaving any bad aftertaste. If anything you might be left with a light lingering lemon taste.
All in all this is a solid beer and as good as any to start the season with, usually because it’s one of the first on the shelf and it is very accessible.
That’s all for this round. Next up is River Horse’s Hipp-O-Lantern!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stay Dead: A Novel of Survival gets revised!

So, after getting ripped on amazon countless times for spelling and grammar mistakes in my novel. I decided to get serious about fixing it. My wife read it and found 81 errors on her own, I found about another twenty, and a reader/reviewer offered to go through it as well and is still in the process of doing so. Combined, well over a hundred errors have been fixed. I just uploaded a new version to amazon moments ago and in a few days that revised book will be live, thus hopefully giving readers less to hate about it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

While most people will be enjoying their weekend…

…I'll be doing some work on Mardock Scramble 3, some ghost work for things I can't talk about, and some corrections for a book called Rage: Bane of Demons. Once I wrap these up I want to start working on a t-shirt design I've got cooking in my head and do some more writing on Water Rats--which I'd really like to finish before the end of the year.