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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mardock Scramble Volume 3

So, I just got some new work in the mail today for Random House and Kodansha Comics working on Mardock Scramble Volume 3--the English translation. Should be pretty damn hectic--I only have two weeks on the project and it's 200 pages. Any letterer knows that's gonna be rough--plus the wifey went back to work today, so it's gonna be full-time daddy and and full-time freelancer. Translation full pot of coffee all day and all night. Very excited to be working with RH and KC, though, so bring it.

New look!

If you're a regular you might be thinking, "hmm, am I on the right blog?" Well, yes, yes you are. I just tidied things up a bit and completely changed the look. I'll continue to tweak it as I see fit, removing most, if not all of my ads and just consolidating the amount of crap that's on here.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Back In The Day. A free short story available now!

Pick it up at smashwords right now, or wait till you can get it from amazon. Be warned, though, amazon does not allow authors to 'sell' 'free' eBooks. So I'm going to try to scam them into doing so by having it free elsewhere and then telling them I've found it cheaper. Then hopefully that will force them to make it free. I've seen other writers do this--Keith Latch being one of them--and hopefully I can get it to work for me as well.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My 500th post!

…And it will be quite lame. I just picked up a giant swing set for Jake. We found it on craigslist and the people just so happened to be in our town. I don't want to reassemble it just yet. Its about to rain and I have some work to do and I just want to relax. Is that too much to ask for? Probably. Here's to 500 more.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back In The Day, A new short story book cover

Here's the cover for my latest short story "Back In The Day" soon to be available for your kindle and other eReading devices. I'm pretty happy with it, the cover, and the story. There's no zombies in it. I guess you could call it supernatural. I think I'm going to be keeping the blood spatter bottom design element for everything I do and just change up the colors scheme for each book. Till I feel like doing something else, of course.

It's saturday.

In case you didn't know. The wife just made us breakfast and Jake is running around like a lunatic with the puppy. I've checked my email and am sipping on coffee. It's a nice day and we are going to go for a walk in a bit.

I plan on making some changes to the blog's appearance and creating a new header for it. I've come to the decision that I want to keep blogging--I don't know if I will keep all of my blogs up, but I will certainly be considering it. I also want to start writing a new serial, but am undecided as to what. If you'd like to throw some suggestions just leave a comment.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Things I've been working on…

Well, as some of my readers may know, my trip to the land of freelancing full time went off almost as badly as one could imagine. Every month has been a risky, stressful, mind-numbing and brain-fucking scramble to make my mortgage. Somehow I've survived so far, and the road is getting easier to travel on. BOOM! Studios has been great to work for and I've managed to get on a few books that turned out to be pretty cool, and the people I've worked for and 'met' have been awesome and very passionate about their projects. Malignant Man was the first mini-series I did for them, which you can still find on the shelf, or get here: Then that turned into me getting to do the free online comic Rise of the Planet of the Apes: and now I'm working on a cool as hell crime book called The Rinse which is coming out soon: and is only $1.00.

I also wrapped up a book called Rage: Bane of Demons for an independent french creator, Eric Peyron, tonight which took almost a month. It's being published for the iPad and iPhone in English and French and is the first time I lettered a book exclusively for the eReading market. It's fun, action-packed story for fans of Conan and the like.

Something I'm particularly proud to be working on is a graphic novel with Jeff Lemire. I'm not sure how much I can say on it, so I will leave it at that.

Some cool things are on the horizon and the black cloud from hell looks like it's taking a breather for a bit. So while the rains and ill omens find some other poor bastard to drown I'm going to try to spend some quality time with my family, find the time to write, and maybe even do some art for myself for a change. Hell, maybe I can even start blogging again. That is, if anyone reads this crap anymore.