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Monday, April 26, 2010

New Followers Welcome

So I see I have a few new followers to this here blog. Thanks for following and WELCOME! Make yerself at home and comment away.

The Harvest: Chapter Nine

Len stood there. He could feel his feet firmly on the ground yet for some reason, he felt like he was drifting out of his body. Something itched at the back of his mind. Everything up to this point seemed like a far-fetched fastball being thrown out of a science fiction paperback, and why he was buying it all he didn’t understand. He wasn’t alone however, his new friends were buying it too--but who was selling it? He stood transfixed in a moment of time that seemed to last forever. He woke up naked, covered in slime, on a goddamned spacecraft and now this she-bitch in red was telling him that he was the last man alive from earth? Bullshit, Len thought, abso-fucking-lutely bullshit. His eyes narrowed and darted back and forth looking at everyone again, but this time really looking. Somebody here was full of shit, Len thought, and they were beginning to stink up the joint. Len would go along with things for now, not seeing any alternative, other than the ass whooping of a lifetime. He hoped to at least get a pair of pants. He was sick of his shriveled member dangling around.

“You can see for yourself in our monitoring station,” EeMeee translated for the lady in red.
“Take us there, but if you try another show of force, I will tear you all apart,” S’tahgrah grumbled.
The lady in red was visibly shaken from S’tahgrah’s notice of dismemberment, but she doubted his sincerity, “you look less capable than your tongue, beast” she replied.
“If you’re so sure than step closer, skag,” the werewolf spat back.
“Enough,” she said calmly, and turned away, leading the way to the monitoring station.

Len looked at the others, their hesitation was visibly noted, but they all followed the lady in red as she parted the sea of space vampires that surrounded them. S’tahgrah led the way with Vavoo slung over his shoulder. Len stuck close to him, and Dax closely behind Len with EeMeee skittering behind.

The lady in red walked with a hint of royal elegance. Her flowing garments danced behind her like silky curtains in a cool breeze. Her posture and movements were alluring, but her face was corpse-like and disgusting--she was the perfect mix of venom and perfume. Len couldn’t make heads or tails out of her. She reminded him of his boss, and after thinking about it would rather be following her as opposed to her alien body double--but he didn’t have a choice.

Len felt an itch in the back of his mind--a little voice bouncing off the walls of his skull, but too distorted to recognize.

“Something’s not right,” he mumbled.
“We’re screwed,” Dax replied.
“Any ideas?” Len asked.
“Nope. You?”
“Not now,” S’tahgrah grumbled, “be patient…my nose has found something our minds have not.”

Dax immediately stiffened up. He wanted to know what the werewolf knew, there snouts were comparable, and it made him question his own sensibilities--he wondered if had he been a fool to come along on this failure of an escape plan. Had the werewolf known something all along? He moved half a step slower; if that were the case he didn’t want to be any closer to the massive beast that was nearly three times his size.

The space-vampires watched them intently. Their beady eyes following every muscle-twitch from behind their masked faces as they followed the trail of red cloth down the corridor. They had raised their weapons and took a defensive stance--Len shivered a bit, and hoped they didn’t notice. Of course, they did.

Tune in Next Week for The Harvest: Chapter Ten!
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Harvest/EeMeee concept art

Here's a piece I really liked. Some concept art for what EeMeee could look like. Digitally painted in photoshop.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Harvest: Chapter Eight

EeMeee and Len had been taken from the room once the commotion could be noticed from inside the window. They were sedated once again, but EeMeee was still able to keep the telepathic link between itself and the others. The link was somewhat diminished but more than adequate for everyone to communicate and for the others to eventually locate them.
Len returned once again to his dreams. As much as he hated work, he often found himself their in dreams, though, usually on better terms.

Dax grew tired of carrying Vavoo. Her deadweight seemed heavier with each step. S’tahgrah walked on wobbly limbs, like a drunkard at the end of a very long night. The once stealthy crew were in shambles. Neither thought they’d survive another confrontation, and they all secretly hoped they wouldn’t have to. They sucked it up despite their feelings and followed EeMeee’s mental bread crumbs once again. They were hot on the trail, but sluggish and sloppy.

EeMeee could sense the despair in the would-be rescuers, and knew that he and Len would have to step things up a notch on their end of things. EeMeee began to telepathically emit a very slight, almost unnoticeable sensation into the minds of his captors. The sensation would act like a growing headache, at first no one would realize, but if EeMeee didn’t time it just right its captors could easily dismiss the action. The sensation began to grow, unnoticed, as EeMeee had hoped. That spider-like creature desperately wanted to giggle. It was painful to keep it in. One of their captors began to rub its neck–the disruption was working. EeMeee fought even harder to reign in his giggles. The taller creatures seemed unaffected, but EeMeee would remedy that when the time was right.

Watching from a distance, a small squad of ray-gun toting space-vampires followed behind S’tahgrah and Dax. They moved painfully slow, Dax complaining nonstop. They were beginning to lose steam rapidly.

Len began to wake, making sure to keep it to himself, but EeMeee could tell. Sensing Len’s return from the land of dreams, EeMeee increased the telepathic disruption tenfold, leaving a mental stab-wound in the minds of their captors. He did this again, and again, increasing the potency with each jab. Their captors fell to the ground, clutching at their heads and screeching. Len forced his eyes open, and though his vision was blurry he could see what was going on. He tore himself free of his restraints, EeMeee did the same and skittered to the floor. His bulbous form, and rapid movements were almost surreal to Len. The blurred vision only helped to make the scene that more surreal to him, as he still grappled with the reality of it all. His dreams were more real than anything he’d seen since he awoke in his dark, dank, cell. Len pushed past one of the taller creatures and instantly wished he hadn’t touched its slimly skin. Len wobbled after EeMeee who giggled wildly as it skittered away down the brightly lit corridor.

S’tahgrah’s equilibrium was beginning to return, and with it a sense of urgency. Dax was practically dragging himself along and Vavoo lay limp over his shoulder. S’tahgrah reached out his massive arms and took Vavoo easily off Dax’s shoulder and slung her over his own. Dax breathed a sigh of relief, and rubbed his leathery shoulder. They both heard noises coming down the corridor. They braced for whatever was rushing at them. They could hear wild, manic giggling, and then Len’s voice.

“Run!” Len yelled, “They’re coming--”
“Stop yelling at me. I’ am ahead of you, you should be running,” EeMeee said in between bouts of giggling.

Len and EeMeee came to a stop when they saw the others. After little discussion EeMeee convinced S’tahgrah and Dax to turn back around. They made only a few steps before the squad of space-vampires made themselves visible. When they turned back around again they being approached by the captors that EeMeee and Len had just escaped. They were surrounded...again.

“You gotta be fucking kidding me!” Len yelled.
“We were better off in our cells,” Dax said.
“I’m gonna kill every last one you bastards...” S’tahgrah roared, “even if it kills me.”

The large werewolf gently placed Vavoo on the ground, never taking his eyes off the enemy. The vampiric creatures on all sides aimed a variety of weapons at them. They were greatly outnumbered. A voice from behind the creatures called out. No one could understand it. It sounded like a bunch of slurred vowels and clicks. The creature moved toward the front of the ranks, dressed in a red variation of the black rags that the other wore. The creature wore no mask, its face was smooth and pale bearing the tiny obsidian dots that could only be eyes or decoration. It held out two long hands, exposing its palms in a peaceful gesture. It spoked again, opening its mind to EeMeee, and allowing its mind to be read.

“She’s saying that they do not wish to harm us. We are aboard a science vessel. We were rescued--” EeMeee translated.
“Bullshit,” Len said.
“No. No bullshit. She is not lying. I can read her mind. Free of restraint. She is saying we were rescued from dying worlds--”
“Sounds like bullshit to me! My world was just fine,” Len interrupted again.
“Len. Silence. Our worlds are being harvested--we are the last of our kind--”
“Shut up. This is bullshit. You can’t possibly believe them,” Len’s voice quavered.

The space-vampires lowered their arms. EeMeee began to shiver. EeMeee opened up the telepathic link they all shared, and joined them with the lady vampire in red. They didn’t have to take the information second-hand. They could see for themselves the truths they refused to believe. They were indeed onboard a science vessel. They were indeed what was left of their worlds.

Tune in Next Week for The Harvest: Chapter Nine!
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The Harvest/update

Okay, so, it's Monday, and maybe someone somewhere is wondering where the hell the latest chapter of The Harvest is. It's unlikely, though totally possible. I made a promise to have a new chapter up every monday, and I plan on sticking to that, however, it looks like its not going to happen till sometime this evening. Apologies to those who have come to expect it early in the day, but life happens, and this week was full of it. It'll be up sometime today, cross my heart and hope not to forget.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Little Dead Podcast episode 44

The love continues for the Stay Dead promo, as A Little Dead Podcast episode 44 pimps it out for me. Thanks McPierce!

Check it out here:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Batman? Batman?!

A quickie digital sketch painting of a cartoony, Tick-Chinned Batman. Under 5 minutes--woot!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Harvest: Chapter Seven

S’tahgrah, the werewolf, Vavoo, the female, and Dax, the slug-like creature followed the telepathic trail of mental bread crumbs to another hexagonal doorway. Vavoo was glad she kept the vampire’s hand. She used it to open the door. The three of them entered, and unbeknownst to them on the ceiling above their heads clung several more of the vampires. They were dressed as the others, but instead of ray-guns they had what looked like short steel batons. They also had some sort of red markings, almost like sigils, atop their foreheads. They remained silent and unnoticed as the three crept through the corridor.

“This way,” S’tahgrah spoke, the others now able to understand his gnarled language.

They followed him out of the corridor and into a chamber filled with more doorways and a few windows. Above them, but keeping a safe distance behind them crawled the vampiric sentinels, stealth-like in their approach.

“I can smell them,” S’tahgrah said.
“They’re probably everywhere,” Vavoo replied.
“Yes. The ship must be crawling with the bloodsucking vermin,” grumbled Dax.
“Let’s just keep going. We can deal with them if we have to,” Vavoo suggested.
“Fine by me,” S’tahgrah roared.

They crept toward the windows, peering inside. They could see Len, and EeMeee strapped down on tables. Dozens of the vampires were inside. Many looked like the cloaked captors they had become familiar with but others populated the room as well. They were dressed in lighter clothes, with no masks, their pale skin and beady eyes out in the open. There were others too, tall lanky things, with hunched over backs and long beak-like jaws with fangs instead of tentacles.

“There’s too many of them,” Dax said, shaking his alligator-like head.
“Nonsense,” S’tahgrah garbled.
“Let’s wait, watch them for a bit, then we make our move,” Vavoo added.

They waited. Behind them, the creatures descended from the ceiling, falling as softly and quietly as shadows. They held out their batons, which slowly extended into large spears with needle tips. They stood, statuesque and poised to thrust their spears forward. In the reflection on the glass, S’tahgrah noticed this. He watched their movements, noted their numbers, and as soon as one of them motioned forward he’d be ready to pounce. He was about to signal the others as one of the vampire’s at his back sprung forward. The creature was much faster than those they had come into contact with already, but S’tahgrah was just as fast. Not fast enough to stop the needle tip from puncturing his shoulder, but fast enough to grab the vampire by the throat. The massive werewolf hoisted the vampire into the air, crushing its throat with a single powerful hand. He used the other to pull the spear from his shoulder and toss it to the ground. Once the vampire ceased twitching in his grasp, he too tossed him the ground. S’tahgrah grew dizzy and began loosing his balance.

“Oh, shit,” Vavoo whispered, “they’ve drugged him! Fire,” she yelled.

Vavoo and Dax spread out and began firing at the stealthy vampires. They were too fast, their shots ran wild. S’tahgrah fell to the ground, slurring obscenities. The vampires inched closer, Vavoo and Dax became cornered, staring at a dozen needle-tipped spears. They knew they had to do something or they too would fall to the ground slurring obscenities alongside their much larger cohort. Vavoo had one chance, her natural defense—but if it didn’t work, she’d be too exhausted to fight them off, and of course there was the risk of killing Dax in the process. She could live with Dax becoming a casualty of war, so long as she lived.

“Duck for cover,” she whispered to Dax.
“Uh, okay,” he replied, clearly confused.

Dax dove behind the massive werewolf, springing over him like a rubbery ball. Another inch closer and Vavoo would be pierced by one of the spears. She stepped back, closing her eyes. Her lungs slowly filled with air and she refused to let it go just yet. She held her breath, and lurched her body forward, keeping her feet planted firmly on the ground. The spikes that covered her body shot out like darts, following the momentum created by her movement. The space-vampires clutched their bodies where the spikes had penetrated them. Vavoo was uncertain if the poison in them would be sufficient to bring them down—it seemed to be working. They began to fall to the ground, paralyzed by Vavoo’s self-defense mechanism. She too fell to the ground, exhausted.

Dax peered over S’tahgrah’s giant arm, unsure of what had just happened. He looked around and got the gist of it, he then saw a few of Vavoo’s spikes jutting out of the werewolf’s fur and carefully plucked them out. He slithered over to Vavoo, whom lie helplessly on the ground. Dax was lost. He could carry Vavoo, but to where? He’d be of little use to fight off more of the creatures by himself, and he couldn’t just leave the wolf behind. He didn’t think he was capable of rescuing Len and EeMeee either, especially not when they were in a room with dozens more of the bloodsuckers. And he knew he couldn’t just stand around and wait, sooner or later more of those space-vampires would show up, and he didn’t want to think of weapons they would be carrying then. Dax went toward the window where they had seen Len and EeMeee, but he couldn’t see beyond the glass. It was black inside and appeared to be empty. They must have seen the fight and evacuated, he thought.

S’tahgrah grumbled, and began to stir to consciousness. Dax breathed a sigh of relief and went to his side. He helped the giant beast to his feet. Once S’tahgrah could stand of his own accord, Dax went to Vavoo, slinging her over his shoulder. The werewolf smashed his fist into the window, shattering it. They climbed through and continued on their rescue mission, though worse for wear.

Tune in Next Week for The Harvest: Chapter Eight!
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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Harvest: Chapter Six

Len dreamt of being at work. Work was different in his dream of course, it was pleasant, the people were pleasant, and even his bitch of a boss was pleasant. He walked the isles of the store, smiling as if he’d won the lottery, and everyone smiled back at him. His boss approached him. She was an attractive woman, far too attractive for likes of Len Higgins, but there she was. Leaning over a shopping cart, her supple breasts exposed by the open button of her blouse, and her red radiant hair gleaming in the diffused light of the store. She looked as if she wanted him. Then an old woman shook her finger at him, told him, “that red-headed hussy’s no good for you,” but he didn’t listen and stepped over to her. The red-head took off her glasses and waived her hair in that far too dramatic way that only the women on television ever do. He stepped closer to her; she pushed away the shopping cart and grabbed him by the neck of his shirt. She opened her mouth to reveal a long sharp set of fangs. She hissed, then bit down, spurting blood all over aisle.

Len woke up with a jump, but his restraints kept him firmly in place. He was on a cold table; from the looks of it was an operating table of some sort. Tubes and lights hung from the ceiling, as did what appeared to be surgical implements; saws, needles, and the like. His eyes grew wide in terror. He couldn’t move much at all, and his head was kept firmly in place.

“Relax,” EeMeee spoke from a place inside Len’s head.
“Fuck you,” Len replied.
“They are healing your wounds. They do not currently mean us any harm,” EeMeee spoke.
“And you believe them you gullible jellyfish?” Len asked.
“I’m not a jellyfish.”
“Well, you’re gullible if you think they don’t want to hurt us. They may be fixing us up, but that might mean they don’t like their meat to be bruised,” Len rationalized.
“It’s possible, though unlikely,” EeMeee said.

From the corner of the room one of the vampiric creatures hissed. Len froze up and squeezed his eyes shut tight. He could feel the creatures shadow blanket over him like the cover of night. He then felt the cold tickle of the creature’s tentacles crawling on and suckling at his slashed body. Len squirmed and shuddered, thinking this is how he would die: strapped down on an operating table while a space-vampire sucked him dry. He at least hoped it would be a lady vampire doing the sucking. The tentacles wiggled across his wounds. He could feel the slight suction they created—the subtle lifting of his flesh, he waited for the tentacles to tear his flesh off, but they didn’t. They eventually ceased, and the creature receded to an unseen part of the room.

EeMeee spoke to Len via his mind once again, “they are shielding their minds from me, it’s hard to figure out what they want with us, but whatever she was doing has healed your wounds—don’t speak, keep quiet. Listen to me; I’m going to create a mental ‘link’ between you, myself, and the others who even now are looking for us. It may hurt, and it may disorient you, but it will help us all understand each other without my having to serve as translator. So, relax and open your mind.”

Len did as EeMeee suggested. He lie there, his eyes closed and his breathing soft and rhythmic. He could feel EeMeee inside his head, like the brush of soft fingers on his skin that eventually jabbed into his head like sharp knives.

The others; the werewolf, the female, and the slug-like creature cautiously crept down the new corridor. They could feel a tickle in their minds, EeMeee gave them the same speech it gave Len. They accepted EeMeee into their minds. The tickle turned to pain, but when it all subsided they understood each other, and somehow knew a bit more about each other. They couldn’t exactly read each other’s minds, but they had a better sense of each other. They all knew each other’s names for instance, and understood the gist of their languages, enough so that they could communicate on a basic level. It was a new and odd sensation for all of them. EeMeee couldn’t direct them to it and Len’s whereabouts, but they could feel where they were.

“They are on their way,” EeMeee informed.
“I know,” Len said, speaking in his mind this time, “I can feel them. This is just too weird. Feels like I’m drunk,” he continued.
EeMeee giggled and waited for the others to rescue them.

Tune in Next Week for The Harvest: Chapter Seven!
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Dread Media, episode 135.

Dread Media, episode 135 is the latest podcast to play the Stay Dead promo! Dread Media is one of my favorite shows for the last few years. Thanks Desmond!

Check out the show here: