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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The wait is over... It Doesn't Matter

It Doesn't Matter/Nobody's Watching

Damaged Goods

are available to listen to here:

If you'd like to be emailed the tracks, send me an email to with IDM as the subject and I will reply with the tracks and a jpg of the cover art.

Please pass this and them around.

Dark: A Horror Anthology Free Desktop Wallpaper

Just save the image and set it as your desktop wallpaper as you await impatiently for the Dark to arrive!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Midnight Podcast – Final Episode

172 episodes later the Midnight Podcast comes to an abrupt end. The show's second host, Corey Graham, had become plagued by negativity as of late and it eventually wore him down, leading him to give it up and focus his attention and talents to more positive projects. Whether or not a new host will emerge to take up the mantle remains unknown as does what will happen with the great website attached to the podcast.

You can still keep up with Corey and his other projects here:

Farewell Corey.

Friday, January 22, 2010

It Doesn't Matter: Nobody's Watching

At long last, here's the cover for It Doesn't Matter's first release, Nobody's Watching.

2009 Mail Order Zombie Dead Letter Awards

I've been honored with a nomination (Best Zombie Book, Fiction) for the 2009 Mail Order Zombie Dead Letter Awards! This is pretty awesome for me, I doubt I will win, there are many good books on the list with authors who have much more fans than I--so its a long-shot. But its nice to be nominated and nice to be nominated through a show I listen to. So, please cast your vote for me and my novella: Stay Dead: The Stranger and Tunnel Rats, I would really appreciate it.

Here's the link:
(you can also click the post title and be magically taken there)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scalped. Catcher Painting.

Been doing a lot of painting's one of Catcher from the Scalped comic. Read Scalped or eat dirt.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hooded man creature marker sketch

If that title didn't catch your attention I don't know what will, nor do I know what to title this post. I did a doodle and then colored it with marker. Enjoy or don't.

Peter Straub's new novel: A Dark Matter

Peter Straub's new novel: A Dark Matter is slated to be released on February 9th 2010. The first chapter can be read for free here:

The book sounds pretty good, and I've heard good things about Mr. Straub. I'm trying to get a review copy of the book so I can let you guys and gals know if its as good as it sounds, keep your fingers crossed.

More about A Dark Matter:

* Hardcover: 416 pages
* Publisher: Doubleday (February 9, 2010)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 038551638X

The incomparable master of horror and suspense returns with a powerful, brilliantly terrifying novel that redefines the genre in original and unexpected ways.

The charismatic and cunning Spenser Mallon is a campus guru in the 1960s, attracting the devotion and demanding sexual favors of his young acolytes. After he invites his most fervent followers to attend a secret ritual in a local meadow, the only thing that remains is a gruesomely dismembered body—and the shattered souls of all who were present.

Years later, one man attempts to understand what happened to his wife and to his friends by writing a book about this horrible night, and it’s through this process that they begin to examine the unspeakable events that have bound them in ways they cannot fathom, but that have haunted every one of them through their lives. As each of the old friends tries to come to grips with the darkness of the past, they find themselves face-to-face with the evil triggered so many years earlier. Unfolding through the individual stories of the fated group’s members, A Dark Matter is an electric, chilling, and unpredictable novel that will satisfy Peter Straub's many ardent fans, and win him legions more.

Official Announcement...a new band has formed: It Doesn't Matter

Being that When They All Fell (my long-time band) has been on hiatus for way too long, and when it was "on" it wasn't regular, for what reasons I do not know. But me being the type who likes to keep busy and likes to create and partake in the creation of many a thing I had to keep going with music in one way or another, or just give it up entirely. Well, I pushed on, and When They All Fell guitarist James Caldwell pushed on with me, and we have created--It Doesn't Matter--a band where it doesn't matter what we do or how we do it, just so long as we do it. We set out to do something where we could do whatever we wanted, so far James has crafted two hard-hitting old school type hardcore songs all by his lonesome, I wrote some lyrics and laid down some vocals and he's is trying to make me not sound like shit. He's in the process of mixing it all together and soon, very soon we shall have something to show. Though these two songs have a certain style too them, that does not mean this is what the band will sound like--we don't want to have a sound--we want to do whatever, and we want to work with who ever to create other songs, this is just what happened. So, consider the band announced. I'm waiting for the cover art to finish drying so I can scan it and then we will have a nice little two song demo with a cover for anyone who is interested. It will be free, and anyone who is interested in helping out drop me a line.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hello, Hello, Hello, is there any body out there?

Lately I feel like I'm losing my mind. Life is good don't get me wrong, but isn't there supposed to be more than working all the time? Something grander? No jag-off, I don't mean what's the meaning behind it all, but isn't there something more, am I missing something? It seems like everything is all surface and no substance. People are afraid to have deep conversation. They are afraid--period. Of all kinds of things, and many of which amount to nothing, appearance, perception, it's all bullshit. And I partake in the charade just the same. I'm a fucking robot, and so are you. And, no, nobody is out there, and if they are they don't want to be found.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Need more Zombies?

Then look no further, here is a list of the currently available books from "Library of the Living Dead Press" & "Library of Horror Press".

"Dead Tide" by Stephen North
"Unabridged, Unabashed & Undead" by Eric S. Brown
"Among the Living" by Timothy Long
"Barren Earth" by Eric S. Brown and Stephen North
"City of Demons" by Scott A. Johnson
"Deadlands" by Scott A. Johnson"
"Debris" by Barry Napier
"Element {.245}" by Paul McConnel
"Lakewood Memorial" by Robert R. Best
"The Apocalypse Shift" by Derek Goodman
"The Black Act" by Louise Bohmer
"The Tale of the Vampire Bride" by Rhiannon Frater
"Wolves of War" - Anthology
"Z Day Is Here" by Rob Fox
"Zombology" - Anthology
"Zombology II: Return of the Reanimates" - Anthology
"Zombonauts" - Anthology

I myself will be ordering a few of these, and have listened to them via the Library of the Living Dead podcast.

Zombie Zoology Anthology

I just sent out my submission for a Zombie Zoology Anthology being put out by Severed Press. I had a lot of fun writing the short and hope they like it enough to publish. I'll be sure to let you all know what happens. For those interested in the publisher check out the link below...

Want to help me get nominated for Mail Order Zombie's Dead Letter Awards?

Want to help me get nominated for Mail Order Zombie's Dead Letter Awards? Sure you do, why wouldn't you? Well, all you have to do is go here: and nominate Stay Dead: The Stranger and Tunnel Rats for Best Zombie Book, Novel. Or email the hosts Brother D & Miss Bren, here: and let them know.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Return to A Little Dead Podcast: Episode 31 - The Butterfly Effect franchise

So I returned for another appearance on A Little Dead Podcast to announce the winner of a signed copy of my novella: Stay Dead: The Stranger & Tunnel Rats. I didn't sound too much like a bumbling fool thanks to the great editing job (thanks guys!). Be sure to give this episode, as well as the others, a spin or two.

Here's a link to the site:

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Swamp Thing marker sketch

This didn't start out as Swamp Thing but I sort of turned it into Swampy. I was just sketching another mutant or creature or whatever, and once I started coloring it, I realized it looked a lot like Swamp Thing, so I guess that's what it'll be, though I know its not accurate, but its just a sketch so bugger off.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kings of the Castle gets reviewed...

...and quite elegantly I might add. Check out this review:
and while you there read what Mart has to say about many a comic book! He gives very insightful and in depth reviews.

Tongue Creature Painting.

I have never been good at naming paintings. How about "Montgomery, the mongoloid mutant." He likes Slurpee's from 7-11, and playing chess. On a serious note, I'm very happy with my first painting of 2010, from blank piece of paper to painting in under 4 hours.

Sweet Tooth inked sketch

One of my new reads is Sweet Tooth (created by Jeff Lemire), so I was inspired to do a sketch of its main character--Sweet Tooth. If you haven't read it, check it out.

Creature sketch

Here's a sketch for a new painting I'm working on. It's a mutant creature very similar to a Smoker from Left 4 Dead. Enjoy, or not.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Brian Keene' Build a banner contest entry.

Here's my entry for Brian Keene's build a banner contest. I hope it wins.