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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Scalped. Chief Red Crow. Sketch.

One of the best comic's ever. If you're not reading Scalped you should be.

Nude Zombie Girl!

A little sketcharoo...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kid-friendly Zombies for Halloween.

I'm really digging the simple side of things lately...

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Black Cat of Halloween.

Another foray into a bit of a different style for me. Had a lot of fun and super happy with this, probably my new favorite, haven't really been into anything I've done lately, cause I usually suck, but not this black pussy cat, oh no. I'll be adding text and using this as my digital halloween card.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Attack of the One-Eyed Monster!

Delving once again into vector based illustration, very happy with this. Not my usual style, but it's nice to experiment.

Priceless. New T-Shirt design starring Vincent Price.

So, I'm trying to whip up some more tees to put out, and came up with this one... I really dig it and hope it stirs up some interest. I've got some ideas for a few more and once I do 'em up proper, maybe I can have a vote or pre-order contest to see which one will make it to print. Till then, enjoy PRICELESS...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DC Universe Halloween Special 2009 Table of Contents

A piece I designed that you can find in print in this years DC Halloween Special!

Very happy with how this came out.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Stay Dead: Kings of the Castle Part Fourteen/Conclusion

After evading a number of rotting creatures, Reggie arrived at his home. It sat on the top of a hill with woodlands to the back of it and a tall iron and brick fence all around the lot. It was one of the bigger homes in the neighborhood, also in one of the less clustered sections. The windows on the lower level were boarded up, but Keith could see a warm light coming from behind one of them.

“We’re home,” Reggie said, clearly happy about it.

He was out of breath, as were the kids, and Peanut panted heavily at their feet. Reggie was quick to unlock the gate and usher everyone in. Dead things had followed them, though they were much too slow to keep up with their pace.

Once inside, Reggie rushed Connor to the kitchen. He cleared off the kitchen table and lie Connor on it. Connor was pale, and very weak. He had lost a lot of blood, and Reggie needed to close up the wound before he lost anymore. He grabbed a bunch of rags and dish-towels, then ran out of the room and quickly came back with a bottle of rubbing alcohol, gauze, tape, a pack of needles and thread. He grabbed a pair of meat scissors and cut Connor’s pant leg up to the wound. He cleaned it quickly with the rubbing alcohol, and examined it only quick enough to make sure the bullet went through, which it did.

A young woman, in her late teens, came into the kitchen. She was dressed all in black and looked like a vampire. She wore a ton of make up around her eyes, and black lipstick. Her nails were painted black as well and she had layers of jewelry around her neck.

“Oh my God, is he okay? Do you need help?” she gasped.
“Yeah, can you grab the Neosporin from the medicine cabinet?” he asked. “I forgot it,” he continued.
“Sure, yeah,” she ran off.

Keith and Kayla looked at each other mimicking each other’s raised eyebrows. Then two more people entered the room, an older man with gray hair, and a young boy. They looked at each other but kept silent and watched as Reggie worked his magic. Reggie quickly sowed the seams of Connor’s wound together, by the time he was ready to bandage it the girl in black came back with the Neosporin. He put a thick wad of it on each side and wrapped him up. He brought him into the living room and placed him onto a couch. He was barely conscious. Keith and Kayla looked at him with mixed feelings of guilt, fear, and hope.

“Don’t worry, he just needs a lot of rest. He’ll be fine. Now, do either of you have any cuts, or bites, anything like that?” Reggie asked.

They both shook their heads from side to side.

“Okay. Are either of you hungry?”

They shook their heads up and down. Reggie laughed.

“Well, all right, back to the kitchen then. Wash your hands, and we’ll see what we can make for you,” Reggie led the way.

During their meal, Reggie introduced the kids to everybody. They exchanged stories of how they came to be at Reggie’s home, and the stories of how they managed to stay alive thus far. Their stories were equally horrible. Reggie went on to give the kids, with the exception of Connor, a tour of the home. He showed them the generator, which he used sparingly, and a makeshift garden in the garage. He showed them the items he’d been gathering from other homes; tools, food, weapons, etc. Once a day, he’d venture out and bring back whatever supplies he could gather, also looking for other survivors, of which the kids were the only ones he had yet come across. He showed them his son’s room, and a spare room where they could sleep that was close by.

After Reggie finished the tour they returned to the living room. Keith and Kayla sat by Connor’s side as he slept. They looked around at their new home, at the faces of their new friends, and back at each other. They didn’t need to use words to convey that they felt safe. As Keith had with Connor, Keith now developed with Kayla the ability to read each other’s thoughts solely on each other’s subtle expressions. They would stay here until they had to leave, the Kings and Queens of a castle in the middle of a dead kingdom.


I just want to say thank you for reading Stay Dead: Kings of the Castle! It has been a very fun thing for me, and forced me to write on a weekly schedule (14 weeks), which was no easy task. If you’ve enjoyed this little trip into the world of Stay Dead please let me know, I’d like to do another weekly story soon, but if there’s no interest I’ll just keep it to myself, but I’ll probably post it anyway. I’m not sure when or how I will collect this story, but I’ll let you know when I do.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stay away from Stay Dead? gave Stay Dead: The Stranger & Tunnel Rats a crushing review. As an artist, visually and literally, something I strive for is to create something that is worth the time to look at or read. So, when I read this review, these words: "I would be tempted to warn you all to stay away from this book" devastated me. Not so much were I will stop writing, quite the contrary. I don't write to please anyone but myself, let alone someone whose contribution to the horror community is to review the work of others. There are some tiny sentiments in the review that are positive, but not much.

Here's the link:
Just search the book reviews for Stay Dead.