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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lunch Break Photography

Here's some rather uninteresting pictures I took during a rather uninteresting lunch break on yet another uninteresting day. Life is like laundry.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Watchmen Movie Images

Check out this link for some neat Watchmen Movie images. A collection of what seems to be viral marketing images. This one's my favorite.

Art Attack! New Painting: Slit

Here's a painting I did, it was done towards the end of 08 and was the last painting for the year. I have yet to do another one, I'm not slacking, honest, just working on some other stuff that I will be announcing soon. Acrylic on Illustration board.

Bloody Good Horror's Top 10 Friday the 13th Deaths!

Night of the Living Dead/Karen Cooper T-Shirts are in!

YUP, you read that right, they are here! They look awesome and they are very limited, hit me up with an email if you're interested. Only ten bucks!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The End of the Legion of Super-Heroes!

This post is quite a milestone for me, it's my 200th post and serves to announce the end of the Legion of Super-Heroes. That's right, my long run on this book has come to an end, I had a straight run on the book since issue 37 and now 50 puts an end to it. Due to dropping sales the book had to be canned and sadly before Shooter was able to finish his story. Of course I think you should pick it up but it's not like it really matters, the show's over, go home.

Newsarama had a cool article about it that you can check out here: or by clicking my title post which will take right there!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Vigilante 2 Out Now!

Vigilante, the latest comic I'm thrilled to be lettering, has it's second issue out. Here's a link to the preview:
and in case you missed the first issue:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Karen Cooper/Night of the Living Dead T-Shirt

A while back I posted a sketch of lil Cooper and said maybe I'll do a T-Shirt. Well, I did it. r.s.h. came to the rescue and urged me to do it, we split the cost and should be getting them in soon. We did a small run of 24, of various sizes and have already sold a bunch, so if you want one, then hit me up in an email cause these will not last.

Coalesce video goodness.

Came across this awesome Coalesce video on YouTube, love this band, they've always been a big influence. Too bad my hoodie got snug, don't know how that happened. Must've shrunk in the wash, couldn't have anything to do with a desk job and a television romance.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Interview with the author of The Zombie Chronicles, James Melzer.

Something I've been wanting to do for AR (Apparatus Revolution), has been to interview people, authors, filmmakers, bands, whomever. So, I started, I wanted to put this up with the launch of the new AR site, but decided to put it up here, eventually it will be on the site--but I have to finish it first. So, without further delay...

...the interview with the author of The Zombie Chronicles, James Melzer.

1). What do you think separates The Zombie Chronicles from other zombie novels, other zombie-related works (movies/games/novels/comics), and in general, other works in the genre?

Answer: I don’t necessarily go for the gore factor in my novel. It’s more about the characters and what they go through. The zombies are more of a side-story, at least in the first book anyway. Book Two will have more zombies and more gore but for right now, I think what makes TZC different is the story and the people that populate it. Readers/listeners care about them and what happens to them, judging from the emails I get. I like that response, makes me feel like I’m doing my job properly.

2). Do you feel that TZC is a body of work that has appeal to an audience outside of fans of the genre or is it more so a work intended for them.

Answer: I think there can be the appeal if given the chance. It’s a zombie story, yes, but there’s also mystery/thriller undertones as well. Book One is about conspiracies and a corrupt government so if you like that sort of thing, I suggest you give it a try.

3). Do you think there’s still room for more zombie fiction?

Absolutely. I wouldn’t be putting TZC out there if there wasn’t. I’m a creative guy and I enjoy writing more than anything but I also want to get paid. If there wasn’t a market for it, I probably wouldn’t have started it. The recent success of Max Brooks’ World War Z and David Wellington’s Monster series prove that there is still a market for zombie fiction. It might be a niche market but there’s a lot of freaking zombie fans out there so it’s a BIG niche market.

4). TZC has gotten a great buzz surrounding it, there seems to be a big grass roots movement talking about TZC pretty darn favorably, especially podcasters and bloggers. What do you attribute this to? Is it a part of a marketing strategy that you initiated?

Answer: Honestly, I went in to this whole thing blind. No marketing strategy, nothing. Everything has been about timing, luck and hard work. When I first started the podcast novel I emailed a bunch of other podcast novelists and invited them to come and listen. I also did up a promo and emailed it to a bunch of other podcasters as well. It got played on some shows and people were intrigued so they came and listened. Everything else just happened from there. I have Google Alerts so I know where it’s being talked about and when something pops up I try and respond to it. Makes it more personal that way I think.

5). Permuted Press has picked up TZC as well as the other two planned novels of yours. Have you finished writing TZC and can you tell us anything about the other novels?

Answer: No, Permuted bought the trilogy before the first book was even done. In fact, I became the world’s first podcast novelist to sell a novel before it was completed when that happened. Yay me! The first novel is still in progress. I do have a deadline which I will easily meet and then it’s off to Books Two and Three. If I had to do it over I probably would have finished the first book before podcasting it. I could have focused more of my efforts on marketing than writing AND marketing.

6). What has it been like working with Permuted Press? Are they going to edit any of the work? Have they requested any elements be included or excluded from TZC or its sequels?

Working with Permuted has been a blast. I haven’t got into detailed stuff with them yet since the first book is still in the works but I’m looking forward to going through the editing process and seeing the final cover art for the book. Permuted is pretty easy going. There isn’t much they won’t let me do in the book. The possibilities are endless, really.

7). Do you have any plans for shorter works of fiction within the TZC universe?

Answer: Not at the moment. I’m open to the fans sending me some fanfic, which I will gladly put to podcast but as for myself doing anything; I just want to finish the trilogy first. You never know what will happen though.

8). Have you received any negative feedback from listeners/readers?

Answer: I am pleased to say I have not received one single negative comment about the book from anyone.

9). What is a typical day of writing like for you? Do you have a word quota you try to hit? A certain place you like to go and write?

Answer: Well a typical day of writing for me is sort of jammed in between everything else. I have a full-time job that I’m at 9-10 hours a day so my writing is done on the go a lot of the time. On the subways and buses of the city as I travel. Once home though I try and get at least 1000 words done on the computer each night. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I also answer emails and respond to any other messages I might have, so my day is pretty busy. Writing always comes first though.

10). What would you say are the biggest inspirations behind you creating TZC? Was it difficult to start the writing process?

Answer: The writing process itself wasn’t difficult to start. TZC is something I conceived about ten years ago so I was anxious to finally get started. In terms of inspirations for starting the podcast novel I would say other novelists like Matt Selznick, Mur Lafferty, JC Hutchins and Scott Sigler. Those people have paved the way for people like myself to come along and try and make a name for ourselves in a form of media that is becoming more and more accepted each day. Mur Lafferty has been a huge inspiration to me though and she’s been very supportive. She rightly deserves the title ‘Queen of Podcasting.’ She’s awesome!

11). TZC was a work in progress when you began podcasting, why did you start a podcast of an unfinished work? Was it a way of forcing yourself into a schedule?

Answer: Yeah I guess you can say it was a way of putting myself of a schedule. I would say it’s more due to the fact that I’m very impatient, something I need to work on. I just wanted to get it out there and see what kind of response it got. Like I said though, if I had to do it all over again, I would have waited. I recommend anyone looking to podcast a novel finish the book first, don’t follow my lead. I’m the exception to the rule.

Closing Statement(s):
Thanks for the interview Steve. I encourage all the fans to email me and tell me what they think or comment on the site or call the BLOODLINE and leave me a voice message. I’m easily accessible. If you send me an email I will respond. It’s been one hell of a ride so far and I look forward to what 2009 has to offer.



Monday, January 12, 2009

E.Town Concrete Reunion Show Flyer

Made a really quick flyer for web use to promote the show, if you want to help spread the word, grab and post it wherever. And yes we still have tickets.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

E-Town Concrete and When They All Fell at The Starland Ballroom

That's right, When They All Fell is playing with E-Town Concrete this February at The Starland Ballroom for their reunion show (Friday, February 20th / Doors 7:00PM!) We haven't played with ETC in a very longtime and I as well as the rest of the band are very excited to do so. It's a huge deal for us because we haven't played a show of this magnitude in years, it's going to be a sold-out to nearly sold-out event! We've also never played Starland and are looking forward to that. So, we need to sell about 150 tickets, and this is were I ask you to buy one, buy one for everyone you know and tell everyone about it because we really need your support. So far, we are the only two bands playing the first night, (Friday, February 20th / Doors 7:00PM) but rumor is that there is going to be a guest appearance from another huge band that night. You can expect to hear some stuff off our Passengers EP and some new stuff we will be playing out for the first time and hopefully will have some shirts printed up by then as well. You can use the paypal button down below or email me at

Thanks in advance!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Romero Zombie Trailer!

To say I'm excited about this is an understatement.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Putting my art up for sale/My Etsy Shop

I'm fairly hesitant to be doing this but times are tough and funding is needed to push Apparatus Revolution onward into 2009 and beyond. So I've set up a shop at to put my art up for sale, for now it will be illustrations and paintings, if all goes well I'll be putting up many other items. I only have one piece up there now--I'm kind of pussyfootin' around but I'll be posting more this weekend. Please go check it out and spread the word. Here's the link: it's also linked in the title of this post.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shock Waves/Awesome Poster Art

I love this movie poster! I wish there was a return to making posters like this again. Anyone know where I can get a copy of this flick? It's been out of print and I don't think it has ever been released on DVD. I swiped the image from they have a ton of posters, I wish I had more wall space.

Random Sketchiness

The first art post of 0 to the 9, just a random sketch in photoshop.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hatchet/Movie Review

Written and Directed by Adam Green, Hatchet takes a haunted boat ride tour of the Louisiana bayous where we learn of the local legend “Victor Crowley.” The tagline states that this is Old School American Horror, it’s not a remake, it’s not a sequel and it’s not based on a Japanese one, it’s also not that great. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, I’d watch it again, but honestly I was a bit disappointed. It was very fast and loose and ended abruptly. It boasted some great cameo appearances from horror legends Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, and Robert Englund but just seemed to fall short. The cast did a solid job throughout, the story was good, Victor Crowley looked cool, it had an old school vibe and it felt genuine. Crowley is certainly worthy of a franchise. It was a solid movie, worth re-watching, worth a sequel, but I can’t shake the feeling that it was missing something, like pizza without pepper. Perhaps if Crowley stalked his prey a bit more, or they spent more time getting lost in the swamp, maybe if the environment played a bigger role, something was missing and I’m not sure what it is, but whatever it is, makes this movie a “B” instead of an “A.” I’d recommend you watch it, it’s a fun ride, but don’t go in with your hopes as high as mine were.