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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Zombie Strippers Movie Review

Boasting the names of Jenna Jameson and Robert Englund, Zombie Strippers looked like it could legitimately be a good time. It almost was. Englund was a ham as usual, I can’t get enough of him and Jenna was Jenna, hot and naked and then she turned into a zombie. She was still hot but by the end of the movie, not so much. It started off really bad, the Z-Squad; terrible. Then we get to the strip club, and things start looking up, in more ways than one. There’s a whole lot of dancing and overacting and catty strippers, than catty strippers turn into catty zombie strippers. The movie then gets really boring and just plain weird, Zombie Strippers can spin around the poll at amazing speeds and shoot eight balls out of their change purses, I did not find any of that to be as fun as it sounds. Aside from Englund the acting is piss poor, with the exception of Jeannette Sousa who plays a stripper so well you’d think she really was one. I can’t recommend this. If you’re really into Zombies, then maybe, if you’re into strippers, you could get away with watching the first half of the movie than walk away. This was disappointing…but not as disappointing as Automaton Transfusion.

Automaton Transfusion Movie Review

Hmmm. Yeah, what to say about this one…well, I’ve seen worse, certainly seen better. I made it to the end and for what…for some asshole to cut the film short and slap a “to be continued…” at the end? Man, I hated that. It was bad enough that the movie had a terrible filter over the whole thing, adding grain and pushing the color levels way out of bounds. It seemed like they tried to compensate for a lack of lighting and said “oh, we’ll just fix that in post” good job. The gore was done pretty well. The story had as many holes as a slice of Swiss cheese and I don’t like Swiss, which helped to make the cast seem worse than they were. Honestly, they weren’t that bad, they were B-grade, but not bad. The characters were okay, they were believable, did plenty of stupid shit, like driving into the woods to avoid running over a few zombies, they didn’t even have to hit them; they could’ve just driven around them! Horseshit! My head hurts just thinking about it and my eyes are all fucked up from the stupid filter. Does no one learn? KEEP IT SIMPLE. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. I wish I watched a better movie, don’t make the same mistake, don’t waste you’re time on this nonsense.

Friday, November 28, 2008

A Farewell to The Shield

The Shield aired from 2002-2008 on the FX Network (at least for The United States). The show was controversial from its onset and I’d like to say that I believe it was till the end. Though not every episode was great, and some seasons were better than others, as a whole the series was nothing short of spectacular and it saddens me to see it go. The last two seasons were perhaps the best of the series and the finale actually left me speechless, so as sad as I am to see the show go, at least it ended with the same flare and style and integrity that fans and I have to come to know and love. If you’ve never seen the show, you’ve missed out. Here’s a link to FX’s site for the show: or you can click the title of this post which is linked for you.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Strangers: Movie Review

Possibly the “buzziest” horror movie of the year, The Strangers was a box office Grand Slam. The films initial trailer was disturbing and intriguing, though I wanted to see this in the theatre, I held off till it hit DVD. I let the buzz die down and went in with a tiny bit of expectation. I was not disappointed. It was a calculated character piece that carefully and slowly stepped toward its inevitable conclusion. For the most part, the characters James Hoyt and Kristen McKay (played by Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler, respectively) do not make any stupid choices; they rarely fall into the usual stereotypes, which is what makes this movie much more moving than films of the same ilk. The scares and horror of the film are delivered using tension, timing, and sound instead of cheap cuts and quick editing and loud noises. The Strangers uses subtleties often missing in much of modern cinema fare, like character development, symbolism, and conventional filmmaking. This is how to make a horror movie; it’s almost a textbook for aspiring filmmakers. While I loved the movie it was nothing new, or original, which is fine, I wasn’t looking for that, I was looking for a scare and it gave me one. I was looking for creepy cold-hearted villains and this had three of them.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Feast 2 Sloppy Seconds: Movie Review

Following directly after the events of the first film, Feast 2 follows the monsters to a nearby town where havoc and hilarity ensue. Survivors of the first film and town locals must band together to survive until an armored convoy can rescue them. My complaints are few, one of them being the creature designs, which was a gripe I had with the first flick and the films ending which might not be so bad once the third installment comes out. Complaints aside, this movie is just good gory fun, biker chicks, midget wrestlers, baby throwing, monster sex and mayhem. It feels like a Troma movie with a big budget, part Class of Nuke’em High part Pumpkinhead but fully entertaining.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Land of the Dead: Big Daddy Zombie/Digital Sketch Painting

For all you Romero nuts out there, here's Big Daddy, love'em or hate'em. This was done all digitally, I spent a little less than 2 hrs.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Lost Boys: Edgar Frog Sketch

My love for The Lost Boys is well documented and having recently come off the comic mini-series, I figured why not do a sketch of Edgar Frog, so, here it is, with some tones and minimal color.

Politics in 2008

Rest easy, this is about as political as I will get on this blog.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Written by Kevin VanHook; Art and cover by Tom Mandrake and lettered by yours truly. I fought to get this book and I get excited with each issue I work on. I'm currently lettering issue five and only have one more to go until the series is finished. The creative and editorial team on this book have been nothing but a pleasure, Tom, who is an amazing artist is just perfect for this kind of book, check out more of his work here: Kevin has scripted a very fun story for genre fans and Lovecraft fans to enjoy and hopefully sink their teeth into. Harvey Richards and Michael Siglain know how to bring it all to a focus and have given me the freedom to create a look for the lettering truly unique to this book. You can check out a preview of the book here: or by clicking the title link.