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Friday, October 31, 2008

My Name Is Bruce/Official Trailer

My Name Is Bruce has an "official trailer" up, go peep that shit right here: or click on the title link.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Best Horror Films Skip the Gore/Interesting Article

Here's a link to an interesting article for you horror movie nuts: or just click the title post and it will take you directly to the page.

AR Presents: The Comp 2 on Amazon

For those of you looking to support The Comp 2 through, it's linked in the title post, just click it and it will wisk you away to The Comp 2 page on, the album can be purchased from them for 8.99 or .99 per song.

The Dead Walk

I found a cool site where you can create church signs, it circulated at work a ways back and forgot about it till now, so I made some new signs. Here's the site: and it's also linked in the post title just click it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

AR Presents: The Comp 2 Web Advertisement

Here's the web ad for AR Presents: The Comp 2, please copy this image and post it wherever you possibly can! The AR gang and I greatly appreciate any help getting this out and about, spread the disease.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wrong Turn: Movie Review

Although this movie has been out for awhile I thought I’d give it review anyway. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it brief. Obviously someone saw The Hills Have Eyes and figured “Gee, I can make a worse movie than this” and followed that thought all the way to completion. You have a group of folks that make a wrong turn, clever, I know, and end up getting hunted by the big bad mountain men of west Virginia, that just so happen to be cannibals, and guess what, yep, they’re hungry! I didn’t care for any of the characters and found myself rooting for the cannibals the entire time. Eliza Dushku and Emmanuelle Chriqui are the only good things about this movie, in large due to the fact that they both display themselves very nicely, not to be a pig, but that’s the truth. If you’re in the mood for a no-brainer, hicksville cannibal jamboree then go ahead, if not continue browsing.

Friday, October 24, 2008

AR Presents: The Comp 2 Artist Spotlight on sydbarret.

Rising from the ashes of Arson, key members Keith and Kyle Hasselbrink, and Keith Dilliplane (Drums/Bass/Guitar respectively) formed the musical onslaught known as sydbarret., joined by Kristian Hasselbrink and John Zipf, a culmination of unique influences and individuals that can only be heard to be understood. The band delivers an intense live show that is energetic and fun, there is not a scrap of silence from the first struck chord to the last beat of the brass, the band uses samples and noise to fill the void seamlessly from song to song. They have a new EP coming out soon, entitled “The Swimmer” which is the bands best stuff to date, and can be found on both of AR’s compilation CD’s The Comp and The Comp 2 (which are available now) to find out more about sydbarret visit them here:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

FREE Deathwish / Malfunction Fall Sampler 2008

Yes, you read that right, FREE! Go visit: to download a FREE music sampler from Deathwish/Malfunction, I've been listening to it today and most of it kicks ass. Trap Them, Cold World, and United Nations stand out but I'm sure you'll find something you like on that. Consider this a review, go get that shit, it's good.

Doomriders Interview

My friend Chris Burns did an interview with Doomriders awhile back and while catching up on the the latest Deathwish Inc. news I found it online here: it will also be available in print in the latest issue of Define The Meaning (check them out here: so go read that shizzle cause Chris really loves the music and knows what he's talking about.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

False Memory: A Book Review

I had always wanted to pick up a Dean Koontz book but never knew where to begin, I came across False Memory in a stack of used books for sale for 50 cents and the decision was already made for me. When I started reading the book I wasn’t too thrilled and it took me over 30 pages before I got into it, I had almost put it down with little hope of picking it back up. But after that initial bunch of pages I was hooked and I started to really care about the characters involved and the story they were caught up in. It was clearly derivative of works like “The Manchurian Candidate” and used a bit too liberally nods to “The Lord of The Rings”, the latter which I could of done without. False Memory did what many derivative works fail to do however, and that is stand on it own, which it did. False Memory’s strength lies in its great characters, the terrible villain(s) and well-crafted story that made almost every page a page-turner. Koontz has definitely got me interested in checking out more of his work, if anyone knows of other works of his I might like please let me know. If you couldn’t tell, I recommend False Memory.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Drunken Zombie Event Poster Art

So I did a poster for a double feature event that the DZ gang was putting together, here's the artwork, from the black and white drawing to the finished poster. The finished poster can also be seen at leave me some comments and let me know what yall think.

The Comp 2: Video Advertisement

Great news everyone! The Comp 2 is out! You can find it at many of your favorite places to download music (iTunes, Amazon, Napster, etc.), this is strictly a digital release, so get out there and download a few tracks. I whipped up a short video ad for it so please check it out and post it wherever you can. Word of mouth from friends and fans is the only way the Apparatus Revolution will get out there, give these bands a chance, they're worth it!


Friday, October 10, 2008

Candlelit Conversation: An Acrylic Painting of 3 Skulls and some wax candles.

Paint and color pencil on canvas. I thought I would just paint whatever I had lying around the house, typical, skulls and candles.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nature Photography

The wife and I went on a hike and took some pictures.