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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Comic Book Lettering

So, for those of you who have not read the "about me" section of this blog, I letter comic books (DC Comics/Vertigo/Wildstorm). I have always loved comics and still do to this day, although not many of them, in fact i find most of them to be awful. That being said, I have not been a letterer long, and have not gotten to letter a large number of books that i really enjoy, not only from a creator/artist standpoint, but as a fan. I can honestly say that there are only a handful. The ones that stick out in my mind at the moment would be Scalped, which is an amazing book to be a part of (if you're not reading this book go out and pick up the trades, cause the shit is hitting the fan), Salvation Run ( all the villains in the DCU are "boom-tubed" to hell planet ), Green Lantern Corps ( I never read any GL books until i started working at DC, and I must say it quickly became one of my favorite series), and last but not least--Legion of Super-Heroes ( I read it here and there, not caring too much for it, but i got the chance to jump on a new arc with art by Francis J. Manupaul (that spelling is probably off) and written by Jim Shooter, this book has everything i used to love about the x-men but set in the 31 st century). You're probably wondering how the title of this entry fits with the actual entry, right? Well, basically I want to get some discussion going about the unseen art of comic book lettering, whether it ends up being just me talking about my works or the works of others that I may come across. Stay tuned for the next entry where i will talk a bit about the process of how i letter a comic book page, and hopefully it won't be as jumpy as this one was.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Synthetic Burden

So, I've finished writing my concept album for WTAF, and the working title for it is: Synthetic Burden. Basically it's four songs, I have ideas to include up to an additional three and two experimental pieces as bookends (an intro/outro of sorts). But everything is in it's developmental stages right now, and the only thing definite is that Synthetic Burden is a four song story. Of what you ask? Well, just read some of my other posts, I believe I posted two of the lyrics. I plan on presenting the material to rest of the fellows this week and hopefully it will get some creative juices flowing. And the juices have most definitely been flowing, since our Passengers EP we've written two solid songs and are constructing a third, and all of them are completely different from everything we've done to date, that being said, it still sounds like us, but the way in which we are crafting the songs, and the mood that we are creating has hit an all new level. We even attempted to do an acoustic song without drums, that I was debating on using for a side project but we might use as a hidden track or as a single somewhere down the line, we are still fine-tuning it and what not, but so far it's awesome, and just very satisfying to have gotten that out of us, very unconventional. I guess that'd bout square us up on the When They All Fell update. Be sure to check the band out at and download some of our tracks at your favorite digital supplier (iTunes, Rhapsody), we'd greatly appreciate it. Also, if you haven't added my label to your friends over on myspace please do so, it has a done of content that is only available there.

Thanks for listening to me yarn on, and I'll be posting more often, I promise! A lot of things are happening this year!