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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Stay Dead 2: The Dead & The Dying

So, my second novel, Stay Dead 2: The Dead & The Dying is done and available. I tried to write the best story I could. I gave it my all and I'm really freaking happy with how it turned out. Writing this book was really a challenge--not because finding the time to write was hard, or anything like that, but because I let the negative reviews of my first novel--Stay Dead--get to me. I tried to block them out, tried not to pay attention to them, but they were always there. Regardless of my insecurities I pushed on and got it done.

I'll admit, I released Stay Dead before I should have. Not that, in my opinion the story isn't good, but because there were a lot of errors and mistakes and lots of little shit that could've been cleaned up before it's release. I was too eager to put it out and in the end the book and I suffered for it. Well, I like to learn from my mistakes. I hired an editor to go over Stay Dead and make sure there was nothing too glaring editorially. I made a few small changes, fixed some formatting issues, fixed a few more spelling errors and brought the same editor--Adam Staffaroni--in for book two. My wife and I labored over catching my spelling errors--of which there were many. My first readers were awesome and insightful as always. I held off. Reading it again, making sure it was just right and just where I wanted it to be. Now it's ready and now I don't care what the reviews will say--well, I probably will care a little, but I'm trying to ignore them all and just keep moving forward to books three and four where I think I will truly bring something new and original into the zombie genre.

If you haven't given any of my Stay Dead works a read, check out Stay Dead (Book One) it's FREE over here:
Why is it free? Well, I want to reach new readers. The book doesn't sell too well since the bad reviews--even after I've cleaned up my errors and the misspelled words have been corrected--most of them anyway, but it's just not selling. The damage is done. So why not free? I hope more people will check it out and then check out The Dead & The Dying and all the hell that will follow in the coming installments.

Once amazon finds out it's free there, they will probably match it. Read it, and keep in mind that it's a series. Stay Dead 2: The Dead & The Dying picks up directly after Stay Dead. Book Three is in progress and I will warn you right now, we take a closer look at our characters in the Mount Weather Special Facility. So all the other characters in SD 1 and SD 2 will not reappear until Book Four. I'm in the process of outlining both of those books now and what I have planned out is something I think is truly different, some of which is foreshadowed in The Dead & The Dying which you can get at any of the links below.
In Print:

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Last Woman On Earth eBook Free for your kindle!

Hey Everyone, today you can pick up The Last Woman On Earth short story for free for your kindle, or kindle reading app:

Hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Last Woman On Earth eBook

Hey everyone, this month's short story, The Last Woman On Earth, is up and available for purchase. It's enrolled in KDP Select, so pretty soon I will be picking my promo days and you can get it for free.

The Last Woman On Earth is a short story where Noelle, a good girl with a mean streak, is pressured into joining her boyfriend, Zeke, and his younger, simpler brother Burt to hang out in their new fallout shelter. Little does she know the two boys have ulterior motives, but little do they know her father taught her to be prepared for anything.

Approximate word count: 2,700

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Devil Gave Me A Gun free on amazon!

Here it is, The Devil Gave Me A Gun, for free on for your kindle! Please go download it. Thanks in advance and Kieth and I hope you enjoy the story.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Devil Gave Me A Gun

The Devil Gave Me A Gun is a short story that I wrote with fellow writer Keith Latch over the last few weeks. It's a story that I don't think either of us could have wrote by ourselves. It was a really fun experience and it won't be the last time we collaborate on a story, either. Right now it's 99 cents at amazon and we're enrolling it into the KDP Select program, because the free promotional days are just amazing. The reach I've been getting by sheer amount of downloads still boggles my mind, whether it will translate to increased sales or some sort of fan base I don't know, in the meantime it's just cool to watch those download numbers skyrocket through a promo day.

So far, my trying to write a new short story every month this year is working out. This will be my February story and will be available for free in February for at least two days. Next month's story is done and I just have to go back in and fix it up so it's fit for consumption. So, get used to more of these posts, but I'm not trying to get you to cough up 99 cents every time I write something. No, what I'd like is for everyone to download it on a free day and leave a review. A story in exchange for a few words expressing your thoughts on it is a great deal, I think.

But enough about that, I have to get back to lettering comics…

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A World Most Broken

So I've been writing a lot of short stories lately. At least little bits of one here and one there. And I decided to put out what one of my favorite short stories of my own has been on it's own as part of KDP Select. I'll be running a special promo on it soon and I'll let you all know when you can pick it up for free. For anyone who picked up Dark: A Horror Anthology, it was my story from there: A World Most Broken. It's a world I've been wanting to revisit and I think this will be the year to do so since as some of you may know I've set myself a goal of writing a NEW short story every month with the intention of releasing it via amazon's KDP Select program. The chance to be downloaded hundreds of times per day is fascinating to me. Even if it yields more shitty reviews than positive reviews. It's lighting a fire under my ass and making me excited to write and create new stories which is all I've ever really wanted to do. I made a quick cover for it--nothing great--but I think it's suitable and serves it's purpose.

If you want to pick it up for 99 cents, I won't stop you:
but I'd rather you pick it up for free and help me climb the charts and leave an honest review instead of shelling out the pennies.

Friday, January 6, 2012

City of Ruin eBook cover

Here's an eBook cover for my latest short story, and one I'm very happy with. It's a sci-fi tale in the vein of Children of Men. I'll let you all know when it's available. I'm enrolling it in the KDP Select program and plan on using my promo days very quickly. So you can all pick up for free--which means you better leave me a damned review!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Xmass presents for you! Two FREE eBooks!

Right now, holding the #9 spot out of the top 100 Free Kindle Best Sellers in Fiction Anthologies, Graveyard--my first Stay Dead collection of short stories. You can download it for free here:

Horror Stories: A Macabre Collection has been in the top 100 Free Kindle Best Sellers in Horror for the last two days, and you can get it free here:

All I ask is that you download them and hopefully read them. If you're compelled to review them I'd greatly appreciate it. You can email me a link to the review when it's live and I will email you an eBook of your choice.